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Comfortable planning, organized reports, simple but robust approval system, which will ensure timely, correct and complete foundation for processing wages/salaries.

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Tailored to suit your company

Chronos accurately replicates existing structure of your firm. Thanks to it, individual managers automatically have access to relevant branches and their employees.

For every type of branch it is possible to define its own rules: If and how employees clock in and out, in which way an excuse ticket may be approved, vacation applications, monthly reports and bonuses.

Within a multilevel approval Chronos ensures a complete overview of payroll files and supervises that every detail is in compliance with reality and governmental laws and policies. All decisions are logged and documented and can be traced back if needed. The system also provides overview of the solutions of non-standard situations and is able to require additional approval from a higher position, for example in non-standard payment of overtime work.

Chronos is flexible – based on the needs of supervisors a part of competence may be transferred within a branch and a representative may be set for the duration of one’s vacation. In case of unexpected absence an administrator can set a representative – the system supports full substitutability.


Chronos allows for simple and organized planning of shifts on branches. It takes into consideration long-time absence, planned vacations and opening hours of workplaces. The system regards the balance of work hours of individual employees, therefore helps minimize overtime work even diverse staff teams.

Chronos allows for flexible planning of shifts with respect to specific requirements of individual positions of each branch within the scope of weekdays, weekends and national holidays. In case of a sudden indisposition or a lack of employees, the system is able to help occupy the shifts with the help of staff from the same or related branches. Temporary employee assignments across multiple branches can be organized using the callcenter module. Employees can create requests for vacation, or request changes or their cancellations.


The system allows for every type of branch to assign a way which the employees use to clock in and out. Attendance can be automatically generated according to plan, imported from access systems, entered with the help of a simple mobile application on a mobile device, a tablet or in the application itself in the form of an accurate “time clock” or controlling that the in and out times are within the tolerated ranges at the same time being able to automatically fill in breaks.

As a part of the system there is an option to set flexible working hours or tolerance of late arrivals and early departures.

In harmony with the selected settings the system will automatically pardon minor missing outs and will generate requests for excuse tickets of major absences, early departures, not clocking in and out and other transgressions.

Approval of excuse tickets
and vacations

New excuse tickets or vacation requests will be automatically sent to superiors, employees with delegated authorization or to temporary replacement for the position. All superiors can approve excuse tickets, in harmony with the structure of the firm.

Once the excuse ticket is handled, the system automatically considers whether it has been accepted or denied and subsequently calculates details about the hours worked and informs the employee of the decision.

The system forces all excuse tickets to be settled before approval of each monthly report so that all data from the time and attendance system are accurate and in compliance with reality.

Rewarding employees

In Chronos, it is possible to automatically assign rewards with the help of bonuses, extraordinary bonuses, performance bonuses and individual incentive payments.

For every type of branch, it is possible to setup its own combination of individual components in a way to accurately represent employment contracts, income regulations and collective agreements. A part of these setups is the name of the individual constituent parts of the salaries/wages, the interval of the salaries/wages (monthly payment, quarterly and yearly) and the possibility to limit the overall bonuses in a branch if it is fixed. Dynamic ranges of bonuses can be imported with the help of excel files or possibly can be automatically downloaded from outer sources (accounting, DataWarehouse for example).

Mobile application

The mobile app allows the employees to enter requests for vacations and at the same time have access to all their excuse tickets and their results. The employees are then notified about eventual changes.

Head-supervisors, employees with delegated authority and even temporary substitutes are immediately informed about new requests and can instantly resolve them with no need to access to a computer.

Compliance with legislation

Chronos automatically guards if planned shifts are following Act 262/2006 Code of Law (zákoník práce), be it the length of work shifts, statutory rest periods, rest between shifts or the extent of work the employee may do under the specific type of job contract (subcontract).

Chronos works in agreement with the regulation of the European Parliament and the (EU) Council 2016/679 about protection of natural persons regarding the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.

Chronos supports all types of employment contracts and their possible combinations.

In case of a combination of multiple contracts, it is possible to choose individual shifts on which a specific contract will be addressed. The system then makes sure no regulations are violated.

Chronos even enables a combination of more legal entities including their subsequent fusion.

Automatic data transfer

The system automatically communicates with payroll accounting. Thanks to this, it automatically creates new employees lists and copies any new information them into the system as well as manages any long-term absences like maternal leaves or looking after a family members etc.

The transmission works automatically: all information about the employees is downloaded continuously straight from the payroll accounting, the changes thus being always reliably logged. The system guarantees timely and reliable transmission of processed information basis to the payroll accounting. At the same time, Chronos assigns a list of users who can access each cash register on a daily basis depending on scheduled attendance. Thanks to daily updates, access is always limited to only those persons authorized at a given branch.


Chronos is easily integrated to your existing infrastructure, it can download details from access systems, export data for financial controlling, authenticate users using domain controllers or via the use of office365 accounts.

Chronos can also be used as an identity manager and secure access for employees to individual software products based on the level of their authority and position, be it automatically or in cooperation with your IT department.

Chronos is also fully compatible with our DeMoSthenes applications for the management of company documentation, with the educational Academiq portal and all applications developed on the Teamplay platform.


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