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Cookies setting

The cookies technology allows the website recognise that you have been visiting it. The cookies are tiny text files, so you need not worry that they might fill up your device. The law states that a website can store cookies on your device if they are strictly necessary for its proper functioning. We need your permission for all other cases.

Below you may find the types of cookies we use at our web pages.

strictly necessary cookies

Strictly necessary cookies help you use the web page.

we use the following strictly necessary cookies:

  • Sunware Settings, purpose: storing your choices connected to the cookies; provider: expiry: 6 months after the last visit

This group of cookies enables the use of the social sharing services

we use the following types of social networks cookies:

  • Facebook cookies group, purpose: enables sharing and liking of the contents; provider:

This group of cookies allows us to monitor the traffic on the website and other statistic data.

We use these statistic cookies:

  • Google analytics cookies group, purpose: monitoring the website traffic and diagnostic data; provider:


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