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DeMoSthenes is a complex system for the management of documentation. It ensures clear arrangement and easy retrieval of documents, monitors deadlines, distributes tasks according to employees' competences and keeps them informed. It also functions in combination with other systems and helps facilitate the daily administration of the company.

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Immediate access
to documents

DeMoSthenes has a sophisticated permission system that automatically provides users with access to all relevant documents based on their working position, home branch or affiliation to any work group or project.

Within the company structure, for example, the manager always has access to all work contracts of his employees and all documents related to his branch.

Permission is authomatically granted to all users and is continuously updated in case of any changes.

Data under control

For every type of document, it is possible to set a set of attributes which define its contents. Thanks to this, all documents are easily accessible, and give users a better overview. Attributes can be bound to an individual employee, work group, branch and other system parameters.

For example, In the list of lease contracts, you can immediately see the size of the leased area, date of expiry date of the contract, the name of the shopping centre or the contact details for the lessor/landlord. In the list of employment contracts, it can also show for example the name of the employee, type of employment or the job title.

The system can require the filling of the most important parameters when creating a new document. As a result, this information will never be missing from the document.

It is possible to change the setting at any time, be it legislative based reason or built upon new workplace requirements.

Awareness of employees

DeMoSthenes can automatically inform employees about the upload of key documents to the system (even about a new version of the document), and it may require that it is read. The system then also automatically keeps track of the employees and saves the information if and when they read the document.

It is also possible to set (even repeated) notifications if the employee has not seen the document yet.

Documents under control

Based on the type of a document and its attributes, DeMoSthenes can automatically assign tasks to specific employees or work groups. Those can then archive the document, upload it onto a web page, send it to the relevant authorities or for example arrange for the amendment to the fixed-term contract.

Revision of documents

DeMoSthenes will take care of documents with mandatory periodic revision. Based on the type of the document, it can automatically set a revision interval, choose a work group that oversee revisions and furthermore ensure that all relevant documents are regularly revised within these deadlines. DeMoSthenes can also provide a complex report about their current status.

Approval of documents

For each type of document, an approval process can be set up where the system ensures that the document is always approved of by competent staff. The approval of individual steps can be limited by deadlines and thus ensure their smooth continuity.

The system provides a complex report on approved documents, any outages or delay do not endanger the approval of a document within a required deadline.


DeMoSthenes prepares protocols to document being in concord with the legislative and internal company standards.

Protocols can be secured in multiple ways:

  • Using internal assignments, the system addresses prescribed employees or work groups and prompts them to complete the documentation
  • protocols are uploaded from external sources via API
  • DeMoSthenes can download protocols from external data storage sources or ensure their automatic generation from shared data.

DeMoSthenes provides a complex overview of all required protocols, their newest version and their history.

Integration with the Chronos attendance system

DeMoSthenes can be connected to the Chronos attendance system. This allows automatic updates of the list of employees, their work inclusion and the date of expiration for their work contracts. New employees and their supervisors then get automatic access to all the necessary documents. On the other hand, the system denies access to employees who no longer work for the company.

Integration with existing infrastructure

Through the Teamplay platform, it is possible to connect all our systems with any third-party service or application.

Connection can be realized through real-time API, web services, exchange of JSON, XML, CVS documents or utilizing shared network folders.

DeMoSthenes can authenticate users through Office 365 accounts or local domain controllers.

Simple implementation

As a part of the implementation, we help you to set up the correct attributes of individual types of documents and approval processes including revision of controlled documentation and ensure all employees have access to relevant documents.

We will also arrange the transformation of all your existing data repositories and automatic connections to external systems.


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