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Projects of interest

Velaa Private Island

VELAA Private Island has been regularly rated as the best resort in the Indian Ocean since its opening; it is the winner of the prestigious award "Leading Luxury Private Island Resort in the world" and many others.

Maintaining such a high standard places great demands on the maintenance of luxury accommodation, furnishings, small technical equipment, swimming pools, boats, machinery, industrial desalination plants and electric generators.

The maintenance of the whole resort, its planning, realization and monitoring is carried out through the Teamplay helpdesk application. It takes care of its regular maintenance, coordinating complex projects and ad hoc solutions in case of exceptional situations emphasizing maximum
privacy and comfort of the guests.

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Glacial cavern monitoring

Since 1986, a group of Czech speleologists concentrated around the Řehák Speleo company has already carried out 17 glaciospeleological polar expeditions to explore the interior of the subpolar glaciers and cryockarsts in southwestern Spitsbergen. The exploration includes, among other things, documentation and research of the drainage system of the Werenskiold, Nannbreen and Torellbreen glaciers through mapping of selected glacial caves and mapping the position of the glacier fronts within the framework of individual undertaken expeditions. The collected data provide a comprehensive view on the long-term changes of these unique ecosystems in the context of the last 35+ years

The probes have successfully completed 1 500 days of continuous measurements in this unforgiving environment; the data they have provided will lead to deeper understanding of glacial drainage channel modelling processes and its relationship with local weather and climate changes.

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JPP Trans

JPP trans s.r.o. (LLC) is a purely Czech company operating in the waste transport and disposal sector. It operates a collection yard and has a fleet of trucks of various sizes and tonnages. Its activities also include earthmoving and demolition work as well as the sale and supply of building materials.

JPP Trans uses the Teamplay information system for the management of pricing, continuous limits control of performance of framework orders of large contractual partners and for the actual implementation of individual performances.

The system is supplemented with units for tracking the position of individual trucks, so it can warn of changed accessibility of through routes, provide accurate information about the estimated arrival of trucks to customers.

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We speak bee!

The honeybee (Apis mellifera) is generally perceived as a breeding object that produces products for human use and has a significant pollination benefit. The bee is the subject of intense scientific study with the main aim of understanding the processes involved in bee health. However, the bee also serves as a model organism for addressing general biological issues such as environmental change.

We decided to support the study of bees and therefore in 2017 we donated the “bee meter” to the Biological Centre of the CAS (Czech Academy of Science) in Č. Budejovice. The "bee meter" is a technical and software equipment, a part of an intelligent beehive designed for the purpose of data collection and analysis. We focused on the measurement of humidity and temperature inside and outside the hive and especially spectral analysis of the sounds produced by the bees.

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With more than 460 branches, representing approximately 15% of all domestic public pharmacies, Dr. Max pharmacies represent the largest pharmacy network in the Czech Republic.

In 20 years of cooperation with Dr. Max, we have created tools for the management of quantity orders of medicines for individual branches, acquisition of pharmacies, management of requirements for introducing new assortments, a system for budgeting and controlling personnel costs at individual branches, reports on business trips of private and company vehicles, training and auditing of internal directives, planning and implementation of internal seminars, management of training for promotions to management positions, call centre for filling positions at branches, staff appraisal and rewarding, branch competitions, export of pharmaceutical and medical staff to UZIS (The Institute of Health Information and Statistics of the Czech Republic), provision of branch or personal questionnaires or management of servicing of all IT equipment at branches and headquarters.

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SOLEK HOLDING SE is a Czech company engaged in the design, construction and operation of solar power plants in Europe and Latin America. It helps to develop renewable energy opportunities, in particular by linking photovoltaics with battery storage and hydrogen production.

The TEAMPLAY information system helps Solek manage project budgeting and the purchase order approval process, ensuring easy sharing of information across teams, control over schedule execution, providing an up-to-date overview of project risks and their mitigation, thus helping to coordinate construction work and the search for new opportunities around the world.

Teamplay is also responsible for HR in the company: planning holidays, approving work reports with differentiation of work on individual projects, approving business trips with subsequent billing for accommodation, transport and other business expenses.

Integrace: Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Project Online, Microsoft Office 365

JPP Servis

JPP Servis s.r.o. (LLC) is a purely Czech company operating in the field of car repair and sale of trucks. It operates a tyre service, manufactures its own containers, assembles container carriers, container lifts and hydraulic cranes, including a wide range of superstructures: from simple platform, through tippers and box containers, to the most demanding types such as ADR tankers.

JPP Servis uses the Teamplay information system. Teamplay manages warehouse management, plans, implements and, through integration with the Chronos attendance system, reports work on individual orders, for which it subsequently prepares invoicing documents for their exporting to accounting software.

At JPP Service, we also manage the heating of the assembly halls based on temperature plans in combination with the current weather and the activity schedule at each workplace.


Sunware s.r.o.

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